Dear Diary….

August 31, 2001

I’ve just been told that I have advanced ovarian cancer. I came into the hospital with confidence that the surgery would just be for a benign cyst. TOTALY STUNNED.  Not sure what to do, no idea who to talk to or what comes next. Yes, the surgeon did a quick overview of the chemo that I would be undergoing but it didn’t even come close to sticking in my head. Not even getting out of the hospital yet. Lying here in pain, alone, scared, clueless.

August 31, 2021

Registered for my second triathlon of the 2021 year, the Giant Acorn Sprint tri in late September. Totally healthy. No relapse at any point in the last 20 years. No other cancer. OMG, I am beating the odds every day I’m walking around. Less than 30% of Advanced Ovarian patients make it even to ten years – and most of those have gone through multiple rounds of treatments. I’ve lost so many friends along the way. It’s time to pay it forward in a big way. I’m launching my 20-20 campaign today. In honor of those 20 ‘extra’ years, target raising 20 k dollars for ovarian cancer research, particularly focusing on getting at-risk women identified, tracked and, if needed, into the best possible treatment.  To support this important effort, click here