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Motivating Audiences to Exceed Goals by Thinking, Seeing, and Acting Beyond Obstacles

Interactive Workshops

Opportunities for Growth:
A dynamic process to build and sustain market leadership in complex selling environments

  • Accelerates sales growth by embedding skills for integrated function selling
  • Creates a structure for a comprehensive network of help
  • Builds strategic partnerships within company and with client base
  • Eliminates disjointed relationship management

Igniting Innovation and Implementation:
Targeted idea development resulting in employee empowerment, improved operational efficiencies, and rapid business growth

  • Hardwires team excellence for success in rapidly changing sales situations
  • Accelerates breakthrough idea generation through customized innovation model
  • Designs a change process strategy that improves employee engagement and success in implementation
  • Expedites rapid growth by integrating the Market Champion Road Map™

Motivating Audiences to Exceed Goals by Thinking, Seeing, and Acting Beyond Obstacles

Powerful Keynotes

The Next Hundred Yards:
The Ultimate Formula for achieving major goals, accelerating productivity, and skyrocketing enthusiasm

  • Eliminates the intimidation factor of huge goals by defining small, doable steps
  • Sustains long term progress towards targeted goals
  • Pinpoints market opportunities and organizational/product gaps
  • Aligns company structure to foster sustainable growth across global markets

Bridging Silos to Drive Success:
How to create a team sport mentality that accelerates employee engagement, optimizes collaboration, and prevents silo traps

  • Remaps ineffective processes and communication to integrate collaborative efforts
  • Builds systems for productive engagement that accelerate over time
  • Removes self-limiting, silo-driven patterns with the “S3: Simplicity Selling System™”
  • Creates pathways to outstanding cross-function effectiveness

From Pain to Performance:
Successfully overcome obstacles and expedite decision making to achieve team peak performance

  • Unleashes and utilizes untapped talents through facilitated problem solving    
  • Eliminates barriers to productivity by creating clarity of process
  • Creates new success paths and removes ineffective patterns
  • Improves efficiencies by understanding and using a network of help

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Inspire, Ignite, Excel: Client Success Testimonials & Metrics

Dorothy is one of the smartest, most business-savvy people I know. She thinks WAY OUTSIDE the box, which is why many Fortune 100 international businesses took advantage of all the experience and innovation she brings to her clients. As a speaker, Dorothy has dynamic energy, challenging intellect, and sparkling commitment to her audience’s enlightenment. She continues to be a role-model pioneer to the future for us all!
Charlyne Meinhard, NextLevel Consulting
I have had the opportunity to work with many consultants – you rank in the very top tier. Your ability to clearly understand the goal of the effort, to enable very diverse (and passionate!) groups to see their own roadblocks and to lead these groups to significant improvements in their processes are invaluable talents. Our organization will benefit greatly from this experience.
James S. MacDonald, Ph.D. Senior VP, pharma R&D
Dorothy is one of the most highly skilled people I know in the area of training and development. The instruction and mentoring that I received from Dorothy resulted in the birth and continued success of my company, with 30% growth last year. I owe my business success to her advice.
Pamela T. Rambo, Ed.D, Rambo Research and Consulting, LLC
Dorothy infuses her audiences with the high energy, perspective and perseverance she has long used to reach her own goals and overcome obstacles most of either dread or dream of.
Tom Davidson, Leadership Nature
As our Strategic Planning Facilitator, Dorothy helped the group work together to determine our goals and define our achievement plan. She provided a structure and process that helped the group identify and discuss the issues as well as determine a go-forward plan for each participant at the close of the meeting. Dorothy created a positive environment in which each participant felt valued for his or her contributions.
Angela Edwards, Castle Thunder Consulting
You have the knack of pulling out the best people have to offer. You manage to layer your course so subtly: theory, practice, application.
Lisa Andrews, Director, International Pharma Co

Increased leadership advancement of top performers to C-level status (Global Pharma)

Improved workflow efficiency (Medical Devices)

Doubled sales growth of the business division (Fortune 20 Pharma)

Executive Consulting

The Next Hundred Yards Consulting Packages: The Ultimate Formula for Workplace Success

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