1 06, 2017

The Progress, Not The Gap


Reboot – Mini-victories towards your next step up I am a triathlete and runner. Yet, this past winter I slipped into slug mode, not doing any training. To kick myself off of the couch, I signed up for an “advanced training team” run program leading to a 10k. Yes I had a solid qualifying time. [...]

The Progress, Not The Gap2021-08-31T07:31:59-04:00
1 12, 2016

Hey there, coach!  How does your team see you? 


As a corporate leader, you constantly face the challenge of sustaining team effectiveness. Like it or not, you are the coach for your team. If you’re unsure in this role, consider what makes a good coach from the perspective of your people.  Ask yourself, “If my people were choosing a coach, would they choose me?” [...]

Hey there, coach!  How does your team see you? 2021-08-31T07:33:16-04:00
24 08, 2016

Flipping for Team Gold


There’s a lot to be learned about teamwork in business from this year’s amazing USA women’s gymnastics team. During an interview with Bob Costas, these five young women hardly talked about themselves at all, instead focusing on how being part of the team encouraged them to perform even better. This is not a driven, grimly [...]

Flipping for Team Gold2017-02-26T17:15:22-05:00
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