1 06, 2017

The Progress, Not The Gap


Reboot – Mini-victories towards your next step up I am a triathlete and runner. Yet, this past winter I slipped into slug mode, not doing any training. To kick myself off of the couch, I signed up for an “advanced training team” run program leading to a 10k. Yes I had a solid qualifying time. [...]

The Progress, Not The Gap2021-08-31T07:31:59-04:00
5 05, 2017



What do you do when (not if) you’ve fallen off of your goals and are sinking into the dreaded ‘here we go again’ swamp? STOP!  It’s normal, not the end of the world. Here’s a simple process to reengage, break out and accelerate towards your goals. 1. DISCONNECT from the feelings, the self recrimination. ALSO [...]

REBOOT, RESET, RELAUNCH2017-05-24T10:58:16-04:00
24 08, 2016

Olympics & the Power of Focus – the look seen ‘round the world


In the pre-race ready room, just before the finals of the Olympic 200 meter butterfly, a competitor danced around and shadow-boxed within inches of Michael Phelps.  Phelps’ scowl reflected his intense internal focus.  He never even acknowledged the antics. Phelps won the gold. Whether working in a corporation or as an entrepreneur, the ability to [...]

Olympics & the Power of Focus – the look seen ‘round the world2017-02-26T17:15:22-05:00
24 08, 2016

Olympic Gold – It’s All in Their Heads


Big goals are intimidating.  In your company, employees may start with enthusiasm, then feel overwhelmed, stall out, and lack confidence that they’ll ever get to goal.   Yet you know that they have the necessary skills, and wonder how to rally them to finish. When you jump enough hurdles and win enough races to make it [...]

Olympic Gold – It’s All in Their Heads2017-02-26T17:15:22-05:00
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