Ovarian Survivor Thriver

Campaign 20/20/20

Hi I am Dorothy Erlanger. I’m a 20 year survivor/thriver of Advanced Ovarian Cancer. Yes, I’m beating the odds every day I’m walking around. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward, to help others beat this killer cancer.

Over the next 20 weeks, I’m committed to raising funds for ovarian cancer research. Why 20 weeks? That’s almost exactly the length of time from my diagnosis to when I finished chemo – a grueling journey.

I’m asking for your support. For my part I’m committing to swim, bike or run 20 kilometers in EACH of those 20 weeks – and report back to you of course. I couldn’t have done one kilometer of any of those when I was in treatment, so this is a celebration!

The goal – raise $20,000 and dedicate these funds to getting at-risk women identified earlier, tracked closely and, if needed, treated right away in a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center.

I’ll be sharing my journey – 20 years ago and today – with all who join me in this effort. Thanks for your help

What happens with your donations.
Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors has a passionate commitment to advancing life-saving, groundbreaking cancer research at VCU Massey Cancer Center. We are dedicated to increasing awareness about cancer research and prevention. In addition to funding research, Amy’s Army also works to enhance patient access for treatment. Because Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, your donations are tax-deductible.